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No, every one of our pasta is made of eggs in order that it is perhaps not vegan.

Will be your sauce vegan?

All cream based and Bolognese sauces aren’t suited to vegans, for several other services and products be sure to contact us on 1800 688 313 to verify.

Will be your pasta that is plain vegetarian?

Which of one’s filled pastas are vegetarian?

The after pastas are vegetarian: Ricotta & Spinach Agnolotti, Pumpkin Leek & Sage Cappelletti, Mushroom Onion & Feta Cappelletti, youngsters Cheese & Vegetable Mini Ravioli, Tomato & Mozzarella Agnolotti.

Would you use free range eggs in your products or services?

No, unfortuitously during this period our eggs aren’t free range.

Are your products or services safe for expectant mothers?

The Latina Fresh pasta and sauces are completely safe for expecting mothers. The cheeses utilized are pasteurised and eggs are prepared.

Are all of your services and services and services and products certified Halal

None of y our items are certified Halal.

Could be the pasta packaging recyclable?

Regrettably no. The bottom that is pasta are produced from two recyclable plastics ( PVC= polyvinyl chloride, and polyethylene). Though the two plastic materials are laminated together which makes them maybe not recyclable in council recycling facilities that are most (councils lack the gear to separate your lives the 2 plastic materials, consequently recycling just isn’t feasible). The laminate that is two-plastic required once the trays are thermo-formed.

How about the meals that are ready-To-Eat is the fact that packaging recyclable?

These packaging elements can be recycled if your ready meal has a cardboard sleeve or an aluminium foil tray. Neither of these materials are recyclable if your ready meal has a yellow tray or a clear outer tray. If you should be uncertain.

May be the sauce packaging recyclable?

The tubs and lids are produced from polypropylene and are also recyclable

Am I able to freeze the pasta and consume it later on?

Yes the pasta can be frozen for up to a few months (this really is printed regarding the front side of every pack)

May I freeze the sauce and consume it later on?

Yes, apart from cream based sauces, all other people could be frozen for as much as a few months.

Just how do any pasta/sauce is cooked by me that has been frozen during my fridge?

Frozen pasta doesn’t have to be thawed. Frozen pasta can be placed straight into boiling water. Include a supplementary minutes that are 1-2 to your cooking procedure. Frozen sauce could be thawed when you look at the refrigerator or microwave oven then heated in a saucepan or microwave oven.

I’ve already heated the pasta/sauce, am I able to store and reheat later on?

No we usually do not suggest re-heating our items.

I didn’t cook/heat every one of the pasta/sauce, can We keep it within the refrigerator?

Yes, when exposed, any product that is uncooked nevertheless be saved in a airtight container within the refrigerator for approximately 3 times.

May be the cheese in your products or services Pasteurised?

Yes all cheese utilized in making Latina Fresh items are pasteurised.

What kind of milk can be used in your ricotta?

The ricotta found in our services and products is manufactured out of cow’s milk.

If the components shown from the nation of beginning label aren’t 100% from Australia, where would be the other components from?

Exactly where feasible, we do make an effort to supply our components from Australia. We do nevertheless supply a number of our natural herbs, spices and veggies etc. off their nations.

Exactly why are there black spots on my pasta?

Sometimes pasta might enter into connection with meals grade oil from the production line. This can be uncommon.Operators are needed to eliminate item suffering from oil whenever detected from the manufacturing line. Extremely infrequently, some item may pass undetected.

My lasagne sheets are often stuck together?

The sheets are microwaved for 30-60 moments to aid in separating

Whenever cooking my pasta the boiling bursts open my filled pasta?

Make an effort to keep carefully the boil at a higher boil causes the pasta to split available.

Does the Parmesan found in your products or services have animal rennet?

The parmesan contains non animal rennet, and it is ideal for (lacto) vegetarians. The rennet assists coagulate/curdle the milk. Cheese suited to vegetarians may be made making use of rennet from fungi, germs, acids, plants or any other.

How come your Gluten Free services and products expense more but serve less?

We’re very pleased with our Gluten Free range and its own delicious flavor! The entire range is prepared on an entirely split line inside our factory and experiences extra evaluation to make certain it is clear of gluten contamination. These facets, in addition to a variety of other circumstances ensures that we have experienced to change the pack size somewhat.

Could I freeze some of the Ready-To-Eat dishes to consume later on?

Apart from any cream based dishes, they could up be frozen for to a couple of months within the fridge. They have to be frozen before the usage by date.

We have cooked up A ready-to-eat meal per directions while having some left. Am I able to reheat and utilize once again later on?

We try not to suggest saving and reheating a currently prepared item.

The family that is ready-To-Eat all have actually oven instructions. Could I prepare these when you look at the microwave alternatively?

We try not to recommend cooking these into the microwave oven (Please do not attempt to put the foil tray in a microwave).

I’m concerned the meat (beef/chicken) ‘s stilln’t asian date sites prepared enough during my Ready-To-Eat meal?

All meats utilized in our meals that are ready fully prepared first.